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Common Black Ant - (lasius niger)

AntWorkers black 3-5 mm long Queens winged at first10mm in length

Life Cycle



7 Years (Queens only)

Life Style

Originating from the tropics and sub tropics Pharaoh's Ants were first recorded in the UK in the early 19th Century. The species is particularly associated with prisons, hospitals and other institutional buildings. Pharaoh's Ant colonies contain several egg laying Queens and winged males. Eggs are laid by the queens hatching into grubs; these are nurtured by sterile female workers taking a month before pupating. Workers will move pupae and larvae if danger threatens forming new colonies. This also occurs as a deliberate act, known as budding, by which the ants gradually spread throughout buildings if untreated. They require a minimum breeding temperature of 18 degrees.

Pest Factor

The worker ants can be responsible for the spread of disease. They are particularly attracted to the pus and discharge from wounds causing acute irritation as well as the spread of pathogenic bacteria.