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Bed Bugs – (Cimex lectularius)
Adult 6mm red brown wingless,
flat looking.

£78.00 +VAT per treatment BED BUGS
  • Treatments – Recommended 2
  • £25 +VAT – Additional rooms in same building
  • Life Cycle – Eggs – nymph – adultprey
  • Lifespan – 10 months
  • Pest factor – Bites and allergies

Life Style

Nocturnal parasite hides by day in the crevices of beds, furniture, wallpaper & skirting boards. Common in hotels, student accommodation and hostels. By night the bed bug will feed on mammal blood, including humans. The insect can ingest 7 times their own body weight in one feed.

Pest Problems

Bites can cause severe allergic reactions and very bad public relations when profit-making institutions are involved.

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