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  • 1 £88 Fleas
    Note treatments are based on an averaged three bedroom house
  • 2 Don’t Get Stung!
    Wasp Nesp Removal £46
  • 3 Bed Bugs First room £25
    for any additional room 2 treatments recommended

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FleaCat Flea- (ctenocephalides felis)

Adult 2mm long, brown, wingless, flat with large hind legs for jumping.

Life Cycle

Egg - larva - pupa - adult

Life Style

The female cat flea will lay up to 1000 eggs which will hatch around 7 days later feeding on animal protein debris and the blood rich excreta of the adult. After 3 to 4 weeks and 2 to3 skin moults they will spin a silken cocoon. The adult flea may not emerge unless stimulated by the vibrations of a passing host, including humans, resulting in mass attacks to the legs and ankles.

Pest Factor

They will happily feed on humans in the absence of their preferred host. The irritating nature of the bite can cause acute itching resulting in serious infection to the affected area.