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Common Wasp – (Vespula vulgaris)
German Wasp – (Vespula germanica)
Adult workers, winged 10-20mm long, distinctive back and yellow. Queen winged, similar colouration but larger.

£48 +VAT per treatment WASP
  • Treatments – Recommended 1
  • Life Cycle – Egg – larva – pupa – adult
  • Life SpanWorkers – 12-122 days; Drones slightly longer than workers; Queens average of 12 months
  • Pest Factor – Wasps are attracted to waste sites and animal bodies so can be responsible for the spread of disease. They can also inflict painful stings which, on rare occasions, can cause life threatening allergic reactions.

Life Style

A fertilised queen wasp emerges from hibernation around mid April and searches for a suitable site to start her colony such as a roof space or tree cavity. The nest is constructed from chewed bark and dried timber mixed with saliva. The queen initially lays 10-20 eggs. This first batch hatches into worker (sterile females). These then feed and protect subsequent eggs laid by the queen.

By late summer a nest will contain 3000 to 5000 wasps. During late summer males and new young queens will emerge and mate. The female selects a suitable site to spend the winter ready to start a new colony in the spring.

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